Melancholia - Dreamingless Magazine

The production is a fair modern visual representation of the negative human moods conjuring the daily life of millennials like melancholy, anxiety, stress, discontent, fear, suffering, nostalgia, agony and grief. The photo series attempts to capture a range of catastrophic and somber emotions and further demonstrate it’s metaphorical influences inherent in creative direction through fashion, light, experiential photography and backdrop suggesting broken relationship of humans today with the self.

Photography and Art Direction: Hansraj Dochaniya
Concept & Styling: Chahat Aggarwal ( )
Model: Lolita Dolores from Anokhi Talents
Makeup: Natasha Gupta
Editing & Retouching: Amit Kirad
Photographer's Assistant: Anuj Chouhan & Yogesh Mishra
Stylist's Assistant: Mansi Agnihotri 
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