Abhishek Sharma FW16

The #Red... The begining ....Of all. Bold , passion , courage and love is a soul of Red which draws an extreme effect of strength and energy. Emerging from the ocean of passionate n creative energy , the collection is an ode to the handwoven fine wool textiles from Kasol valleys of north India. Each attire is specially designed n developed and is a fine blend of traditional textiles with modern silhouettes . The cuts mimes a contemporary tale of structured jackets n extremely experimental trousers, detailed n crisp shirts n much more. Every ensemble represents exquisite detailing , fine tailoring and bold embellishment with an ocean of luxury and subtle richness . The very sheek introvert tones undertones and hues of black greys n Browns make the color palette .

Music: Renhold Heil, Johnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer from Perfume 
Model: Himanshu Sharawat
Make up: Shruti Sharma
Hair: Santosh Pokharel
Motion Video: Hansraj Dochaniya 
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